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Some of you might be thinking that buying a Vietnamese girl as your wife is a human trade. However many of you do not understand that you are looking at your own perspective rather than on the Vietnamese girl point of view. Do you know that Vietnam is a very poor country where female works in the farm for USD 2 per day. Parents will always encourage their child to work overseas and to marry rich individuals who will be able to provide better for their child.  As long as we treat the girl good and respect her for what she is, there is no reason why we should have  downgrade the local men and Vietnamese wife.

5 reasons why Malaysian, Singaporean, Chinese should marry Vietnamese

  1. Vietnamese girl are sweet looking
  2. They are full with culture to respect man
  3. They do not deceived the man as long as you treat them good
  4. They do send money home but reasonable amount. It is a form of respect
  5. Vietnamese girl are really pretty and down to Earth
  6. They are not materialistic
  7. They respect the male and really stay along their side when the man faces difficulties


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